About Us

Our History


"Il Poggiale, one of the oldest and most beautiful villas in San Casciano, rises up out of its ancient solid walls, on the crest of the Argiano hills, along the Via Empolese. On the garden side of the house there is an elegant portico with columns in the Tuscan style, while all the doors and windows are decorated in stone of a pure Renaissance nature".

Historian Gaspero Righini in "Chianti Classico"


In 1408 the Corsini family acquired Villa il Poggiale from Jacopo d’Agostini Martini. The sale is recorded and the Villa enters written history. Over the ensuing centuries the Villa changed hands a number of times, belonging both to the church and the Ricasoli-Rucellai family.

Structurally the architecture remains largely authentic. The oldest part of the house is the central courtyard and well, the façade with Renaissance Loggia and typically Florentine “pietra serena” window and door frames can be traced to the 16th century.

During the 1800’s beautiful frescoes in the Grotesque Renaissance style were added to an interior design that also includes painted doors. The current owners started a restoration project in 2001 that uncompromisingly preserved the elegance of an historical mansion and the atmosphere of a family home in a modern Tuscan hotel.


The Family


Throughout its many incarnations, including the latest as a Chianti hotel the Villa has resolutely remained a home, first and foremost. When we were young Villa il Poggiale was the centre of our happy universe. It was a perfect home to share with friends and girlfriends and later wives and children. Whilst the younger generation played, our father vigorously wrote international law books in a silent room and our mother oversaw her domain in a rather more voluble fashion – chatting with children and dogs while planting and pottering in the garden.

The wheel of life continues its relentless revolutions and inevitably the day arrived when our parents were no longer there. Their absence made us all the more determined to fill the house with guests from all over the world once again – a return to the golden years we continue to hold dear.

Every guest is at home at our Chianti Hotel of the Villa il Poggiale; every guest experiences a slice of the heavenly peace and pleasure of our childhood.