Special Activities

Weekend with murder

The Killing Game specialises in providing high quality, interactive Murder Mystery weekends for all occasions. Whether you're planning a birthday, anniversary, night or just a good night out, we run a variety of Murder Mystery events, don't loose the possibility to join on our Murder Mystery Weekend!


Harvesting the olives


Wine and oil are the symbols of Tuscany. Participate in an olive picking during your Tuscan tour…. Experience the joy of freshly squeezed olives and fragrant Tuscan charcoal baked bread.


Lessons from the kitchen


Not only is the entire spectrum of Tuscan gastronomy catered for, but every Italian culinary region is represented in cooking lessons. Discover the French influence in Piedmontese dishes and the imagination and exotic Arabic and Spanish touches of Neapolitan and Sicilian creations. Book your personalized cooking course now.


The truffles of San Miniato


Villa il Poggiale is only about 30 minutes from San Miniato where truffles abound. Participate in organized truffle hunts with highly trained hounds. During the last weekend of November the Festival of the Truffle takes place here and stalls are filled with truffles of every type and dimension.


Chianti wine tastings


Chianti is famous for its wine – but no wine tasting is complete without a visit to the cellars and a sampling of the cheese and extra virgin olive oil produced in the area.


The Horserace of Siena


This dual event needs no introduction. Ten horses and bareback riders are dressed to represent ten of the seventeen Contrade or city wards and race around the Piazza del Campo three times – a feat which lasts only around 90 seconds. A magnificent Corteo Storico parade precedes the race with the atmosphere and excitement building for days. Many rituals accompany the race with horses being blessed in church and special music all forming part of an unforgettable memory. Villa il Poggiale is only a 40 minute drive from Siena and we can get tickets for the races and suppers in the district.