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Our Restaurant: tipical Tuscan cooking and Chianti specialites

The restaurant “La Tinaia” (which means a place where once they used to carry fresh-picked grapes) is open both for lunch and dinner.

Our cook prepares tasty and refined lunch buffets every evening, characterized by traditional specialties of Tuscan cooking and family recipes. It’s possible to have outdoors lunch or dinner in the pleasant spring, summer and fall days.

The sunny colors of awnings and tablecloths balance roses bushes and flowers in the garden, overlooking the Chianti panorama. Aromatic herbs diffuse their scents all around.

Our restaurant recipes are based on seasonal products: besides being tastier and more flavored, lunches and dinners will be even healthier.

You will taste very unique dishes, thanks to fresh artichokes and peas perfumed with mint picked from the aromatic garden, delicate zucchinis during spring, many types of tomato and sumptuous eggplants during summer, colored pumpkins and multi-colored cauliflowers during fall, as well as many many salads. In our restaurant, there will always be organic soups, sauces for pasta, stuffing for tortellini and vegetables to provide ingredients for fresh and crunchy salads or for flavored side dishes.

We scrupulously select meat and dairy products providers among organic food farmers, allowing us to provide guests with something special, which always characterize a stay at Villa Il Poggiale. Moreover, we have chosen a selection of Tuscan wines both well-known and coming from small and less-known farmers: all of them are excellent quality wines.

Cooking lessons: we organize practical cooking lessons, based on our guests whishes and curiosity.
Traditional Tuscan cooking: it’s the protagonist of our lessons: from historic dishes to family recipes, from simple and tasty farm food to the most refined menus of the villas. A special wine and oil tasting of products coming from the near estates in the Val di Pesa and the Chianti area completes this experience.

Cakes, pastries and desserts: a large variety of desserts, learning the pastry-making art for gluttons.

The art of baking: let’s learn how to oven cook lots of bread, savory pies and pizza!

Our Special Offers