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Mornings in Florence

The Bargello Museum and the Basilica of Santa Croce. The poetic fury of Michelangelo, the oddities of Donatello, the proud Republic of Florence and the humility of St. Francis of Assisi. But also the excessive power of the Church of Rome and the end of “Florentina Libertas” by the more despotic generations of the Medici family. Passing through the genius of Dante Alighieri, Giotto, Filippo Brunelleschi, Galileo Galilei, and more great  artists, poets, musicians and writers. Like those of John Ruskin, who wrote his fascinating guide "Mornings in Florence" at the end of the nineteenth century, ours will be a walk to admire the most significant (and lesser known) works of the Florentine fifteenth century gold season.
We will conclude the experience with a visit to the Leather School of Santa Croce, one of the most prestigious institutions that carry on the ancient tradition of Florentine leather processing.


Siamo lieti di offrire ai nostri ospiti l'opportunità unica di vivere questa bellissima terra.

Il tour leader ed esperto locale Marco, è disponibile per personalizzare la vostra esperienza personale in tutta la regione in cui potrete immergervi in un'autentica Toscana, che riflette lo spirito di questa bellissima Villa.

Qui potrete trovare alcune esperienze consigliate, che sono solo suggerimenti.

Sentitevi liberi di chiedere qualsiasi modifica o suggerimento.

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